Beautiful design that doesn't make breathing difficult

Protect you
5 layer three dimensional mask

Health comes from clean air

“Suː5” is a uniquely developed 5-layer, 3-sided 3D mask that is both functional and stylish.
The 5-layer filter firmly protects against viruses and other intrusion.

We want you to use our products with peace of mind, so we use only high-quality, pure ingredients without any additives.

We also value a holistic perspective that incorporates the philosophy of the five elements while paying attention to the meaning of the number 5 (health, happiness, etc.).

We develop products not only as masks for cough etiquette, but also as a part of daily life that balances the mind and body.

The era of designing fragrances

Aroma spray that can be used on or off depending on your mood

Spray on the mask. A mask and aroma spray that refreshes and relaxes your mood. Contains 100% naturally derived chemotype essential oils that are also used by French pharmacists. Try wearing your favorite scent not only on the mask, but also on the space and fabric.

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Thank you for the happiness on your lips.
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