Mask/Aroma Spray Sun

Suː5 Mask・Aroma Spray Sun.

Sun contains 5 types of medical aroma/chemotype essential oils.
Rosemaricineole and eucalyptus radiata are the essential oils that are at the heart of Sun's scent, which is both sharp and gentle.

The refreshing herbal scent will instantly change your mood when you want to reset your mood during the day .

Contains 5 types of medical aroma/chemotype essential oils
〓Rosemary Cineole
The stimulating effect of the scent makes your head feel refreshed.

〓Orange sweet
It supports you when you feel anxious or depressed.

〓Eucalyptus radiata
It soothes the nose, relieves throat discomfort and supports the immune system.

〓Tea tree
It has excellent antibacterial properties and is reassuring even during the delicate seasons when you may feel unwell . For pollen countermeasures.

It has the effect of increasing concentration and suppressing irritation.

mask spray comes in two types: Sun and Moon, so please choose the one that best suits your mood and condition.
When you want to increase your mood positively, use the ``Sun''.
When you want to relax with a calm mind, try the shade "Moon".

The background behind creating Suː5 products that incorporate the Yin-Yang and Five Elements philosophy is as follows.
We also incorporate different perspectives other than just the efficacy of essential oils.

Yin and Yang means, ``All phenomena do not exist on their own, but have opposite forms of ``Yin'' and ``Yang'' (for example, light and dark, heaven and earth, men and women, good and bad, good and bad, etc.).The former is yang and the latter is The idea is that each entity exists in the shadow (in the shadow), and that each one waxes and wanes repeatedly. ” (see wikipedia)

Neither is good or bad, but I believe that both elements exist and that understanding and cooperating with each other is the key to living a comfortable lifestyle.
When each Yin and Yang element becomes too imbalanced, there is a way to balance it by choosing the opposite.
(Example: Bring in the Yin/Moon when the Yang passes)

The state of your body changes every day, so using the scent of essential oils to balance your body is also a form of self-care.
Please try using Suː5 spray to check your own condition.

More about Moon in the next blog.