Introducing new products

We have started selling N95 masks.

N95 is a mask that has passed the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) standards, and is used as a product to prevent dust and droplets.It has a high efficiency in capturing particles including viruses and is used as a countermeasure against droplets during daily work in medical facilities, etc. It is used with the aim of minimizing it as much as possible.
The N95 masks worn by medical workers when coming into contact with coronavirus patients have gained widespread recognition due to their high adhesion rate and filter function.

Unlike the general N95, which is difficult to breathe, it is easy to breathe and can be used on a daily basis in places with poor air quality or when there is a lot of pollen. It is also recommended to use it in construction sites, etc., depending on the purpose and environment where it is harmful to the body.

Due to changes in the environment, I believe that having highly functional masks in preparation for disasters is an essential stockpile for a safe life.

The N95 we introduced is an original, regular imported product from our company's Su:5 mask manufacturer, one of Taiwan's leading high-performance mask manufacturers. It is already being used in medical settings around the world and has received high praise for its safety and other aspects.

Since this is our first time landing in Japan, we have started handling this product in order to share this wonderful product with as many people as possible.

It's a good thing that the requirement to wear masks in everyday life will be relaxed from now on, and I think we'll become a lifestyle in which we choose masks depending on the situation and environment.

We hope that this mask brand will be useful and chosen by everyone as a highly functional mask brand that can be used in daily life and in other situations where it is needed.

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