How to deal with hay fever season

Pollen season is at its peak, making it a difficult time for people with hay fever. .

In 12 prefectures across the country, the amount of hay fever is the highest in the past 10 years, and it makes sense that hay fever symptoms are particularly severe this year.
The one thing you can't do without when going out is the Su:5 mask , which has a close contact with your face◉

What is different from pleated masks and other companies' products is that the five-layer structure not only blocks pollen, but also has a high adhesion rate.
There is no point in wearing a mask if there is any leakage in the gap between the mask and the face, so the Su:5 mask has received high praise from customers for its excellent fit.
*As a result of our in-house adhesion test, we found an adhesion rate as high as 85%. (Average 50-70% for pleated masks and other companies' products)

Just the other day, I took off my mask outside, thinking I was safe because I was protected by a mask, and then I had a pollen attack. It was a disaster. .
For that reason, choosing a mask is very important for people with hay fever.

In addition to the mask, it also serves as the mask's strongest companion.
◉ Masks and aroma sprays are also recommended.

YAYA's masks and aroma sprays not only have a good scent, but also focus on the efficacy of essential oils. Choose the type that suits your situation and environment (Sun: Refresh, Moon: Relax), and since it contains essential oils that are effective against pollen, try using it by spraying it on your mask or in your space. .

Finally, as a countermeasure against pollen after returning home, it is a good idea to gargle and wash your face to remove pollen.
If you clean your room frequently or open the window for ventilation, just open the window by about 10 cm and put on lace curtains, which will reduce the number of pollen to one quarter compared to when you open the window fully. There are experimental results that show that it can be reduced. (From Japan Weather Association)

We want to enjoy the cherry blossoms starting next week while making every effort to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
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