Be careful of yellow sand

Today's news reports that a large scale of yellow dust has occurred in China, and that yellow dust will be scattered over a wide area in Japan from tomorrow the 12th to the 13th.

This year, more pollen than usual has caused my skin to be rough and I'm nervous, but I'm also worried about the effects of yellow dust and PM2.5 on allergic symptoms, respiratory system, and circulatory system disease. .
Yellow sand also contains fine particles, so a non-woven mask that protects against PM2.5 is recommended.

Suː5 Mask's 5-layer filter cuts 99.9% of 0.1μm particles, including yellow sand and PM2.5 . *Test results at Kaken Test Center

It is very rare for general masks to use two melt-blown sheets of electrostatically charged non-woven fabric . What is important in non-woven masks is actually melt-blown non-woven fabric made only from these ultra-fine fibers .
Suː5 not only has excellent filter performance, but also has a high degree of adhesion (85% adhesion, although there are individual differences), which is one of the major countermeasure effects, so it is a good mask to keep these two points in mind when choosing a mask. I can say that.

If you have allergies such as hay fever, yellow sand may worsen your symptoms, so please be sure to wear a non-woven mask with high filter performance, such as the Suː5 Mask.