Measures against peak yellow dust and PM2.5 in April

Every year in early spring, not only is pollen scattered, but PM2.5 and yellow dust reach their peak from March to May.
This year, there are many people who can't do without masks as a countermeasure against pollen, which is more scattered than usual, but masks are also an important measure at this time of year when the concentration of PM2.5 and yellow dust is rising.

What kind of substances are PM2.5 and yellow dust, which reach their peak in April, and what are their effects on health?

There are two types: those that are directly emitted from combustion of materials (primary generation) and those that are generated through chemical reactions in the ambient atmosphere (secondary generation).
It is an air pollutant that is dispersed throughout the year, but its concentration fluctuates greatly and increases from winter to spring.

Fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 μm or less. (1/30th of the thickness of a hair)

...Impact on health: It easily penetrates deep into the lungs, and there are concerns that it can affect the cardiovascular system and respiratory symptoms such as asthma and bronchitis, as well as increase the risk of lung cancer and affect the circulatory system. .

*Data from the Ministry of the Environment for Weather News

This is a phenomenon in which sand from areas such as the Gobi Desert in the interior of mainland China is blown to Japan by westerly winds, suspended in the atmosphere, and then falls.
The diameter is around 1 to 30 μm. (cedar pollen 30-40μm)

...Health effects: It is associated with allergic symptoms in the eyes, nose, skin, etc., and has negative effects on the respiratory and circulatory systems.
There are also reports that it may worsen allergies such as hay fever.

*Data from the Ministry of the Environment for Weather News

Both are harmful substances that can penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled in fine particles, which is harmful to the respiratory system. .

As a preventive measure,
・Wear a mask when going out. (Due to the fine particles, a high-performance anti-virus mask is recommended)
・Before entering the house, please make sure to knock off any PM2.5 or yellow dust that may be attached to it before entering the house.
・After returning home, gargle, wash your hands, and wash your face. (Wash away PM2.5 and yellow sand)
- Minimize the opening and closing of windows and use air purifiers that are compatible with PM2.5.

If you want to avoid inhaling harmful particles due to respiratory diseases, it is better to wear a high-performance mask such as an N95 mask at all times.

YAYA's N95 uses a patented filter that allows breath to pass through more easily than traditional N95s, so it doesn't feel stuffy and is comfortable to wear for everyday use.

■N95 PC520M/L

If you only look at it negatively, you won't be able to enjoy the fullness of spring. .
Please refer to the information provided by the Ministry of the Environment, the Japan Meteorological Agency, etc., and take the necessary precautions to live a healthy life.