Mask Spray

Mask sprays are not only air fresheners and deodorants used on masks , but some essential oils can also have a psychological effect.

The inside of the mask may get stuffy due to unpleasant odors or moisture.
By using a mask spray, you can keep the air inside the mask fresh .
Some also contain ingredients that relieve allergy and cold symptoms .

The advantage is that
1. Deodorizing effect
Contains essential oils that eliminate odors such as bacteria and bad breath, keeping the air inside the mask fresh.

2. Aromatic effect
The scent of the blended essential oils keeps the air inside the mask fresh and refreshes your mood.

3. Antibacterial effect
By using essential oils that contain antibacterial ingredients (tea tree, cajeput, etc.) , you can suppress the growth of bacteria and viruses inside the mask.

4. Allergy relief effect
It also works to relieve allergic symptoms caused by pollen, house dust, etc.

Su:5's mask spray uses chemotype essential oils derived from 100% natural ingredients that have been chemically and biologically analyzed.
For that reason, we have created a special mask spray that is not only practical but also works on both the mind and body.

Please try this item to make wearing a mask more comfortable .