activated carbon mask

What are the advantages of activated carbon masks compared to regular masks?

Suː5's activated carbon mask uses almost the same non-woven fabric as the regular mask, but
The difference is that
the middle layer (third layer) uses a non-woven fabric with activated carbon kneaded into it.

The quality of activated carbon filters used in masks varies depending on the manufacturer.
Suː5's activated carbon filters are made by our affiliated factories using "as is" activated carbon without any impurities.
Therefore, the original efficacy of activated charcoal is playing an active role.

[Characteristics of activated carbon]
・Deodorization, deodorizing effect ・Adsorption of fine particles (improvement of dust collection)
・Remove and purify organic matter

[Recommended at times like this]
・If you wear a mask for a long time, you will be concerned about the smell.
・Places where there is a risk of infection ・Places where PM2.5 or the air environment is not good

In modern society, we, who breathe every day, need the option of using masks as a means of protecting ourselves.
I hope that when you wear it, you can be conscious of choosing the mask that suits your purpose and be comfortable with it.