Gift set【White】
Gift set【White】
Gift set【White】
Gift set【White】

Gift set【White】

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Gift set

[Great value gift set of REGULAR mask, spray, and pouch]
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Suː5 REGULAR Mask➖
Realistic functional beauty basic type/unisex

[Pollen] [Virus] [PM2.5] Measures
BFE, VFE, PFE all 99.9%
*Test results from Kaken Test Center, a general incorporated association *No impurities or antibacterial agents are used in the raw materials.

- High quality filter makes it easy to breathe even with 5 layers.
・You can have a smooth conversation and the space around your mouth prevents lipstick from sticking.
- Can be used hygienically with upper and lower covers .
No additives such as antibacterial agents are used so that even those with sensitive skin can use it with confidence.
The uniquely developed three-dimensional form ( obtained utility model rights in 2003) achieves a high adhesion rate.

■Quantity: 1 bag contains 3 pieces
■Mask size: Approximately W18.4 x H7.5cm (closed state) Approximately W16.5 x H13cm (opened state)
■Material Body: Polypropylene Nose fitter: Polyethylene, steel Ear straps: Polyurethane, polyester
■Color: White
■Made in Taiwan

➖ Mask spray『Sun』 Holistic aroma ➖
Mask spray that makes wearing a mask more comfortable

By spraying it on the mask, you can enjoy the well-balanced scent of essential oils. The environment inside the mask is enhanced by the sterilizing effect of plant-derived ethanol and the antibacterial effect of essential oils.

Refresh with an exhilarating scent.
Rosemaricineole and eucalyptus radiata are the essential oils that are central to Sun's scent, which has both sharpness and gentleness. Perfect for when you want to reset your mood with a herbal scent, or during the delicate season when you're worried about pollen or virus outbreaks.

■Ingredients: Water, ethanol (plant-derived), rosemary cineole, orange sweet, eucalyptus radiata, tea tree, cypress, solubilizer

■100% naturally derived chemotype essential oil
We use chemo-type essential oils, which have been supervised by medical aromatherapy specialists and have been chemically and biologically analyzed, and whose effects have been proven in France. Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants. Mainly in Europe, essential oils are used to support physical and mental health while enhancing people's natural healing power. For this reason, we have narrowed our focus to include only those that are safe for use in this product.
*No additives such as preservatives or preservatives are used.

■Essential oil features
・Rosemary Cineole/ The stimulating effect of the scent makes your head clear.
・Orange Sweet/ Supports your feelings when you feel anxious or depressed.
・Eucalyptus radiata/ Improves nasal passages, throat discomfort, and immunity.
・Cypress / Increases concentration and helps calm irritation.
・Tea Tree / Has excellent antibacterial properties and is reassuring during the delicate seasons when you are worried about your health. Also for pollen countermeasures.

■Content capacity…40ml (Number of sprays: approx. 300 pushes)
■Made in Japan

➖Mask pouch 『Silver』➖
A pouch that can be used to store masks and accessories.

The lining uses antibacterial fabric processed by using the antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology Cleanze® to immobilize the antibacterial ingredient Etak® on the fiber surface. It suppresses fibrous bacteria and allows you to store your mask in a clean environment.

■Outer material: Tyvek silver
A strong and durable non-woven fabric made of 100% high-density polyethylene. A fabric that combines the characteristics of paper, film, and cloth; it is light, water-resistant, strong, breathable, and has many unique properties. It has a thin and supple texture, and the silver color has an impact, making it fashionable and difficult to get lost in your bag.

- You can also attach your favorite ribbon or key chain to the ring part of the pull .
- Rounded end of zipper for smooth loading and unloading of contents.

The inner pocket can be used to store used masks.
・To improve visibility Colored piping is applied to the partitions.
- It has a gusset , so it can hold a lot of space.

■Material Outer material: 100% polyethylene Lining, piping: 100% cotton
Size: H15cm x W24cm x D4cm
Made in Japan

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