N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  
N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  

N95・PC520M 1box/15pcs  

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N95 Mask・PC520M 15pcs
M size/Unisex

[N95 mask with reliable functionality and design]
N95 is a mask that has passed NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) standards.

As one of the dust and droplet countermeasure products, it is used for its high efficiency in capturing particles containing viruses and to minimize droplet countermeasures as much as possible in daily operations at medical facilities, etc.

Not only in medical settings, but because it is easier to breathe than regular N95s, it can also be used on a daily basis in places with poor air quality or during seasons with high pollen levels. It is also recommended for use in environments that are harmful to the body, and at construction sites where necessary.

*The "N" in N95 stands for not resistant to oil.
This means the ability to capture 95% or more of particles of 0.3μm (micrometers). 1μm=0.001mm. The thickness of hair is approximately 50 to 100 μm. Pollen diameter is 30-40μm>PM2.5 is less than 2.5μm.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

■Certification , patent , NIOSH ( National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) certified N95 standard compliant
Approval number : TC-84A-8138
FDA ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ) standard approval number : TC-84A9367
・Nose pad patent number: TWM515887
Pleated structure patent number: US10799730 (also obtained in the United States, Canada, and other countries)
Compatibility tested with Taiwan CNS15980 CLASS A ( high adhesion rate )

■Feature 1: Patented pleated structure With our uniquely developed pleated structure, we have developed a highly breathable filter that eliminates the concept of stuffy N95. It allows clean air to pass through while firmly collecting fine particles.

■Feature 2: The highly adhesive head strap and nose pad ensure that the mask adheres firmly to your face. (Compatibility tested in Taiwan CNS15980 CLASS A) N95 is a mask that requires high performance due to both adhesion and filter performance.
The filter's unique pleated structure allows for easy breathing, premium grade filtration, breathability, and adhesion.

high fit
Compliance tested with Taiwan CNS15980 CLASS A.

Beautiful round cut shape, comfortable fit to the face.

nose pad
Built-in wire cushion that follows the nose (patented). By firmly fixing it to the nose, it provides a safer and more comfortable fit. Melt-blown filters also block fine particles.

head strap
Soft and comfortable. Reduce pressure after long time use.

The length of the head strap can be easily adjusted using the buckle.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

■Model number N95 PC520M

■Quantity 1 5 pieces (individually wrapped, disposable)

■Size M size : approx. W95±5mm x H145±5mm ( Unisex ) For those with smaller faces

■Material body...Polypropylene Head strap...Nylon, Spandex Buckle...ABS resin Nose wire...Iron, Polyester Nose pad...Polypropylene, Polyurethane

■Color Main body , buckle: White Head strap: Gray

■Made in Taiwan

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