Su:5 Mask・Aroma spray【Moon】
Su:5 Mask・Aroma spray【Moon】
Su:5 Mask・Aroma spray【Moon】

Su:5 Mask・Aroma spray【Moon】

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Su:5 Mask・Aroma spray

[Mask aroma spray that makes the environment comfortable while wearing a mask]

 By spraying the mask onto the mask, you can enjoy the scent of the well-balanced essential oils, and you can also expect the sterilizing effect of the ethanol (derived from plants) and the antibacterial effect of the essential oils.

『Moon』Holistic aroma
Relax with a deep floral scent

The delicate and enchanting scent of Roman chamomile is the key to Moon's scent. A floral scent with occasional hints of greenery that adds depth to the overall scent. It supports negative mental states and leads to a refreshing and radiant feeling while adjusting the balance.

Spray it on your bedding at bedtime to bring a calming feeling when you want to free your mind and relax. Also suitable for sensitive seasons when you are concerned about pollen countermeasures and virus outbreaks.

■Ingredients: Water, ethanol (plant-based), chamomile Roman, lavender super, geranium Egyptian, mandarin, cajeput, solubilizer, 100% plant-based chemotype essential oil, no preservatives or preservatives.

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■Essential oil features: Chamomile Roman Relieves feelings of anxiety, tension, and anger, and supports mental stability.

・Lavender Super Soothes the mind and body and supports a comfortable sleep.

・Geranium Egyptian Stabilizes the ups and downs of the mood and supports women's unique problems.

・Mandarin calms down your excited feelings and calms down your anxious feelings.

・Kayupte's pleasant scent supports smooth breathing. For seasonal measures.

■Content capacity…40ml (Number of sprays: approx. 300 pushes)
Made in Japan

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How to use Spray 2 to 3 pumps on the inside or outside of the mask at a distance of 10 to 20 cm from the mask. Gently shake the mask and let it dry before putting it on.
If you have sensitive skin, please spray it on the outside of the mask.
In addition to mask spray, it can also be used as a room spray or fabric spray.
*When spraying on cloth, please test it on an inconspicuous area before use. Because essential oils are used, stains may appear.

100% naturally derived chemotype essential oil We use chemotype* essential oils, which have been supervised by medical aromatherapy specialists and have been chemically and biologically analyzed, and whose effects have been proven in France.
Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants. Mainly in Europe, essential oils are used to support physical and mental health while enhancing people's natural healing power. For this reason, we have focused on incorporating only safe ingredients into this product.
Spritz on your mask to enhance the environment inside the mask and enjoy a refreshing and relaxing experience.

*What is chemotype?
Even though it is a single species, differences in the growth environment (factors such as sunlight and seasonal fluctuations) result in differences in the purification ratio of essential oil components.
The components contained in plants are chemically analyzed to classify and identify plants based on the content of characteristic components. Unlike animals, plants cannot move freely and grow by adapting to various conditions such as the climate and soil of the place where they grow.

Concept The sense of smell is said to be the most primitive of the five senses.

The sense of smell has the power to influence a variety of functions, including instinctive behavior (appetite, sexual desire, desire to sleep), memory, happiness, anger, sadness, and hormone secretion, internal organs, and immune function. In just 0.2 seconds after your sense of smell senses the scent molecules of essential oils, they are transmitted to the limbic system, which controls emotions and instincts, and the hypothalamus, which controls the autonomic nervous system. By directly approaching the brain, it has the role of supporting the mind and body.

Focusing on the number 5, which represents the five senses in the brand concept, it contains five types of essential oils.
The number 5 is a number used to represent the characteristics of the human body, as can be seen from the words ``five senses,'' ``five bodies,'' ``five organs,'' and ``five fingers.'' Like this number, which means close relationships with people, I hope that it will help you balance your on-off moments.

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